Big Data Assistant Portal

Novatium’s Big Data Analytics Portal encompasses the art of visual representation of data along with easily identifiable smart metrics. With Novatium’s fully customizable Portal, enterprises can now not only collect and store big data more efficiently, they can now also review and understand the data in a familiar format of their choosing.

Customizing also allows firms to focus on the key metrics that they wish to measure and the Portal intelligently scans the data for deviations and irregularities, thereby assisting the human element in the collection and interpretation of big data.


Novatium’s Studio Dashboard is a simplicity driven dashboard focused on providing pockets of information from all applications accessible to the user. The dashboard follows a common theme, which enables access to multiple different applications on a single screen. This fully customizable dashboard is also customizable at the point. This will allow the user to determine where and when they would like to access the application of their choice.

Educational Institutions

Includes support for a variable set of users in a single device with varying limits of accessibility. The control of accessibility may lie wit one or more users.

Each user has his/her own secure space and resources. Customized individual profile creation is a default in all of Novatium’s enterprise solutions.