Frequently Asked Questions

What is Novatium Navigator?

Novatium Navigator is a simple, plug and play maintenance free PC that provides desktop, office applications, desktop utilities, faster internet browsing, through a broadband internet connection.

Why should I buy a Novatium Navigator rather than a normal PC?

A Navigator provides superior performance while maintaining the simplicity of your normal PC. Enjoy the same features as your normal PC with a far superior technology and performance. A one-time purchase to enjoy a wholesome computing experience.

How is it different from a normal computer?

Description   Ordinary PC   Novatium Navigator
Maintenance   Needs Regular Maintenance   No Cost of Maintenance
Software   Need to Purchase separately   Genuine Software Pre Loaded.
Up-gradation   Needs Regular Up gradation that also consumes additional broadband   No Up gradation required by user.
Anti Virus   Need to Purchase separately   Pre Loaded / Regularly Updated
Data Safety   Need to take back up regularly / protect from Virus & Spam   Password protected Login / Regular Data Back up taken
Usability   Complicated Boot up process   Simple one switch boot up process
Protection & Security   Need to buy additional antivirus, internet sec s/w.   Nothing, taken care as a part of computing service
System management   User's responsibility   End to end within Novatium service.
Performance   Deteriorates over a period of time   Consistent and reliable. Never deteriorates.
Network   Unpredictable and Slow streaming of multimedia   Consistent and Faster streaming of multimedia and internet
Applications   Slow response   Faster Response
    Software / Hardware crash   Crash Proof
    Not available   Managed Upgrade

How is Novatium Navigator offering superior technology that is still simple to use?

All applications and data reside in a common server maintained by the administrator, thus the complexity of software upgrades and maintenance is moved away from the user – unlike a PC, where maintenance is the main concern post-purchase. Moreover, the Navigator is so simple to use that even those with no knowledge on computer can operate on it.

Are there any other products like the Novatium Navigator?

Yes. On the whole Novatium provides 3 variants of products namely, the Novatium Navigator, Novatium Navigator+ and the laptop version Novatium Neon. Each product has its own versatility. Please refer the separate sections on each of these products for further clarifications.

Do I need to purchase a UPS along with the Navigator?

Novatium devices need no external UPS as they all have back up on the central server. Even if the system switches off at your work place due to a power cut, your applications will still be open in the server. So when the system comes on, it will restart from your last session, even if you had not saved your operation.

What broadband connections are supported?

The Novatium devices come with any ISP of your choice. Pick any connection and package of your choice.

What is memory or storage space?

Customer can purchase the desired server storage space from the wallet. A 10GB space would cost Rs 50/-. Please refer the section on ‘nGene' for further clarifications.

Memory space in server which is provided to the customer

The customer has an option to store data locally with their USB Mass storage devices or the customer can use storage space on the server by choosing from the price plan. The Novatium Navigator does not have any inbuilt storage.

What is the processing speed?

1.6 GHZ

Can I play games?

You have to subscribe for the Games available on the server or play games online.

Can I connect a scanner to the Novatium Navigator?

No - Scanner is not supported as on date.

What about OS?

You can choose between Windows, Linux, apple Mac or all 3 together.

Can I do programming using Novatium Navigator?

Yes, the service can be provided on the device by Novatium if the customer has an internal hard disk.

What is the Novatium Navigator+?

A sequel to Novatium Navigator, the PLUS reforms the CPU of a normal PC with a 160 GB internal hard disk and Wi Fi connectivity. Refer the separate section on the Novatium Navigator+ for further details.

Is it possible for me to upgrade the Novatium Navigator+ further?

The Novatium Navigator+ can be further expanded over network with 3G/EVDO over USB and is also compatible with wireless keyboard and mouse.

Can I use the Novatium Navigator+ on Plasma?

The Novatium Navigator+ can be mounted behind any Plasma TV or TFT Monitor, making it almost invisible yet giving an unmatched home computing experience. Connect your Novatium Navigator+ to any VGA enabled TV along with speakers and enjoy a home theatre effect.

What is the power consumption of the Novatium Navigator+?

Just 20 – 30 W for all Novatium access devices– A normal computer would consume 240W of power. Therefore, the Novatium Navigator+ saves on your electricity bill. Moreover the Novatium access devices do not require air conditioned environment – so there is no direct or hidden increase in power consumption charges.

Does the Novatium Navigator+ read memory cards?

Novatium Navigator+ has SD and MMCD memory card slots.

Should I use only Wi Fi connectivity in the Novatium Navigator+?

No. Novatium Navigator+ offers both Wi Fi and LAN connectivity. Choose network devices of your choice.

Is the Novatium Neon a Laptop?

No. The Novatium Neon is a netbook that works exactly the same as Laptop but without a CD/DVD drive. It is far smaller yet lightweight making it easily portable. Access your Novatium Desktop from any corner of the globe with just an internet connection.

What is the configuration of the Novatium Neon?

Intel Atom N270, 1.6 GHz CPU, 1GB RAM DDR2, QWERTY 82 keys, touch pad enabled, 160 GB HDD, Built in Wi fi ,etc. For further details, refer the separate section on Novatium Neon.

How big is the display screen of the Neon?

The screen size of a Novatium Neon is 10.2” and 12”

What is the speed of internet?

As per the plan – Customer would get broadband connection from their respective Internet Service Provider. Please refer to the Broadband as defined by TRAI – Govt of India.

Are there separate charges for Download?

The download charges depends would be according to your internet price plan.

Can I use the Novatium Neon for Voice Chat, Skype, Multimedia, etc?

Yes, all these features are possible with and supported by the Novatium Neon.

Can I load my own software?

Novatium has tied up with most of the software providers to provide you with genuine software at the best possible rate. Please mail us at and our representatives will contact you at the earliest.

Does the Novatium Neon support the following features?

  • VoIP – Yes, Yahoo, Google talk, Skype can be used
  • CD/DVD drive – although a CD drive cannot be used, a USB CD drive can be used
  • Printers – Yes (only printing function is allowed)
  • Other peripheral like webcam/printer/scanner/USB stick- supports all these peripherals without any installations. Just plug in and use

Is tax applicable for all the subscription charges?

All subscription charges have additional tax charges of 10.3%.

What is the maximum number of users allowed to use the Novatium Navigator?

Each Novatium device can have 1 master user and 4 sub users.

What is the warranty for all the softwares provided?

Novatium's service provides lifetime software warranty for all the software available.