Nova MCaaS

Novatium’s Management Control as a Service (MCaaS) is a cloud based computing management software that is capable of contextually managing and monitoring devices remotely. A robust solution that is capable of pushing applications, content and group based messages and controlling them. It ensures online cloud based asset tracking and usage monitoring through a web based MIS dashboard at unit level which is vital for decision making.

Novatium’s solution manages more than 1,00,000 tablets distributed across the state of Chhattisgarh enabling us to understand the usage of these devices and take action from a centralized location using their cloud-based control centre and MIS reports.

Saurabh Kumar



Location Based Profile

Policies can be enforced to users for a location and its radius. Users in the location or within its
radius will be automatically controlled by our MDM solution.

Application Management

In house apps can be installed silently and all the installed apps can be blacklisted or whitelisted based on the policy.

Device Management

Devices can be controlled via policy enforcement based on date, time and network.

Content Management

Content like images, PDFs, videos and documents can be uploaded on the console and can be shared to a single user or a group.

Security Management

All the content shared cannot be transferred to other devices nor be copied to peripheral devices like USB devices etc. The login credentials will be shared over the air through a secured network.

Audit and Reporting

User wise reports like user’s application usage, URL usage, content usage and institute wise reports like number of users in an institute, number of created policies, number of user groups etc will be displayed in reports.