eGovernance/ Digital India- Novatium has been working with various Governments across India such as Assam, Chhattisgarh and Odisha in the launch for the Digital India programme with a focus on digital learning through a seamless combination of soild hardware and beautifully designed education software. The prime rollout is generally done following a successful pilot deployment.

The goal of the pilot is to understand the infrastructural, personnel and solution readiness for a large scale deployment. Also, the pilot should bring out the gaps, if any, between expectation and readiness of the end user and the actual readiness of the solution deployed. This includes, the ability to distribute the solution, effectiveness of the end user training, ease of use of the solution, actual state of network connectivity at the end user’s location and service and support requirements of the end user.

The pilot should enable the Government to plan out the larger deployment of the Digital India programme in the state. Novatium has already completed the establishment of Digital Chhattisgarh and Digital Assam as part of the Digital India project.