" Edugrid is a comprehensive ecosystem for all the stake holders in the educational system spanning from the students, teaching faculty to parents and content creators. The intelligent network allows the following services for the respective stake holders. "


Novatium’s experience of more than a decade in deploying cloud-based educational solutions for various government educational intiatives spurred the, , creation of Novatium’s Edugrid, an intelligent system with one goal in focus, to bring about educational equity to all with the power an expansive interconnected system fiercly coded on intelligent distribution of data.

For Students :

Intelligent Course Planning- Allows students to digitize their study calendar and pre downloads the required content in advance

Centralized Content Delivery- All formats of contents like videos, reference links and documents are displayed on a single page.

Remote/Distance Learning- Access to all relevant contents any time, on Edugrid from anywhere with Internet connection

For Teachers :

Assessment analytics- Real time data access for all assessment material for individual students

Remote Content Management- On the go access to content uploading and management

Course planning- Automatically schedule students calendars with planned course by the teacher.

For Institutions :

Digital Library- Access to learning material from all over the grid.

Automated Administration- Keep track of students usage, involvement, attendance and faculty’s course planning involvement and supportive material sugestions.

Interactive Community- Exposure to Indian educational community and curation of school confinied communities

Elearning Stations

Novatium’s web based e-learning stations are about enabling Kiosk mode of operations on computing devices. e-Leraning stations are always customized solutions based on the need of the educational institutions. In case of a Kiosk mode of operation, the institution decides in advance the kiosk application or applications and the computing device will be locked down with specified applications.

The key features of Novatium’s Kiosk Software, known as eLearning Stations, are:.

  • Users are allowed to use authorized applications only.
  • Ability to completely hide/disable Home and Back buttons
  • Ability to disable bottom bar on the bezel
  • Auto launch application at startup (primarily used for single authorized application scenarios)
  • In case of multiple applications are permitted, arrange allowed applications in Categories on Home screen
  • Ability to restrict user from changing the System Settings
  • Provision for administrator to securely unlock the device with a password
  • Ability to selectively allow or block individual child windows of any application
  • Provision to allow an application without showing its icon on Home screen
  • Peripheral lockdown (USB, WiFi, Bluetooth, auto-orientation, flight-mode & audio)

Device Guru

Novatium’s MCaaS based MDM solution is the basis for all its other products and solutions. Novatium’s Management Control as a Service (MCaaS) solution is a secure managed cloud based computing and real time collaboration platform. The platform focuses on easing the deployment and management of computing devices across a large geography. At the same time, the platform puts in a special focus on improving collaboration through video conferencing and other collaboration tools.

The solution provides a centralized management control centre that enables administrators to easily deploy applications, content and set rules based on contexts to groups of users across a vast geography. Another aspect of the solution is the web based dashboard, containing audit trails and reports, which enables officials to make informed decisions. MCaaS eases the management of devices spread across a vast geography through web based control centres. The solution builds into it concepts of content and application delivery, support on multiple devices and operating system and has advanced security capabilities like containerization and encryption to protect sensitive data.

Some of the key features of Device Guru are:

  • Application Management – Black list and white list application with secured environment, mandate which set of users should get access to what set of applications.
  • Safe Browsing – Black list and white list websites/URLs.
  • Provide flash messages on the user access device when required.
  • Contextual Policy Management based on Time and Network. – enables application and website control based on contexts like time of the day, day of the week, network availability, network access points and geo-locations.
  • Content management- Ability to push contents, mandate which set of users should get access to what set of contents
  • Digital Library – Central content repository - Setup of a centralized repository of content with upload and download facility.
  • Asset management – provision to track hardwares, software licenses and software installed.
  • Collaborative Workforce - helps users with a common platform for common interactions, notes preparation & sharing.
  • Analytics & Tracking - Tracks the usage of the users including devices, applications and contents to achieve optimized efficiency, View the usage of the applications & contents by users in real time/near time manner.
  • Remote Management - Lock device display, data wipe out, reboot the device and push